Construction Monitoring.


Vibraterra Corp. is a company dedicated to monitor the impact that construction activities have on adjacent and surrounding structures.

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The Importance of Vibration Monitoring

Avoid causing damage to the structures surrounding your job site. Damages caused by construction-induced vibrations to the adjacent or surrounding structures can be expensive and time consuming, thus creating a huge strain on the building process and its deadlines. With recent growth in NYC development, it has  become increasingly important to actively monitor and record ground movements caused by construction or demolition activities. Vibration monitoring uses state-of-the-art seismographic equipment that consists of sensor units and a recording
device. When a sensor detects a ground vibration above a prescribed threshold, a signal is sent to the recording device.


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Pre-construction and Post-construction Photographic Survey

We perform a meticulous and thorough photo survey at the start and end of the project. A photo survey is an extensive inspection report executed in an impeccably detailed manner. Photo surveys document all pre-existing conditions of adjacent structures, surrounding roads, sidewalks, building facades and landscapes are just some of the components that make up this extensive report. In most cases, photo proof resolves a dispute before it escalates to costly litigation, our inspection photos and reports have saved our customers thousands in repairs to roads, sidewalks, culverts, existing structures and even landscaping. Pre-construction and post-construction photographic documentation is essential to protect against false claims of property damage to the surrounding structures.

Monitoring Plan

Based on requirements and conditions specific to your construction project, Vibraterra prepares a personalized and very detailed monitoring plan that indicates the appropriate steps that need to be taken to ensure the protection of the surrounding structures near to your project.

Remote vibration monitoring

We observe, analyze, and document the construction-induced vibrations system around the clock. The client instantly receives a notification when vibration activity is detected by the equipment sensors. This rapid delivery and response system is crucial to the e‑ectiveness of the vibration monitoring plan. Clients can now avoid the potential damages caused by construction activities such as excavation, underpinning, compaction and blasting through a vibration monitoring alert in real time.

Optical Monitoring
(Settlement Monitoring)

Horizontal and/or vertical movements of structures are also closely observed and documented throughout the duration of the project. Specifically, when excavation is taking place, it is necessary to monitor any surrounding structures that may inadvertently be influenced by the force of the activity. Optical topography is conducted through established reference points of observance over the duration of the project. We are constantly monitoring for any sings of displacement. This data is used as a tool to alert your contractor and engineer of potentially dangerous conditions and provides you with the necessary information to prevent damage due to your construction work.


We monitor existing cracks identified during the initial pre-construction photographic survey and newly developed cracks during construction activity, to avoid or minimize additional structural issues as construction progresses. The best method to measure cracks is by installing a crack monitor. A crack monitor or indicator e‑ectively measures the movement of cracks in brick, concrete or masonry structures.

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Construction can often present damage to surrounding structures. This is especially common in urban environments where high rises are being erected near existing older structures. The data gathered by our state-of-the-art equipment gathers information in real time.